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individual and Team
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Areas of Specialization

John has 37 years of Business experience to help you chart both individual and team directions.

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John utilizes the Gallup Strengths Survey and multiple tools to gain insight into 

individuals, teams and audiences.

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Straight from the Source

 John is literally the definition of a high motor, charismatic sales engine! Super outgoing, extremely gregarious but also very smart and strategic. He has deeper competency around sales strategy and sales execution. That gap is what defines a "good" presales team vs. a "great" or "world class" presales team. John was successful in his mission in growing his team. John also has a phenomenal rolodex for customers . Any organization who wants to see their sales increase would benefit from having John on board.

Adam Greenspan
GSI enablememt lead at Microsoft

John was, and is, any executive teams go-to person. He's always been a leader who quickly grasps both opportunities and challenges. Equally important he creates objectives and plans that others in the organization implement with enthusiasm. 

Ross Cooley
Retired. Former Senior Executive at Compaq Computer and mentor

When I think of John's strengths, I would list them in the following order:

1. Intelligence

2. Conscientiousness

3. Relationship skills

4. Determination  

John possessed a particularly high level of intelligence which helped him to understand the complex technology of the computer industry. He then capitalized on this intelligence by communicating the technological benefits of doing business with Compaq. As a result, he always achieved and exceeded his assigned quotas H was admired and respected by his peers, his subordinates, and his accounts.  In short, John was a true professional, who was a pleasure to work with. If I were still working and had an opportunity to hire John, I would hire him immediately. 

Mac Mcloughlin
Retired. Senior Executive at Compaq Computers

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